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Adventurer Club

The Hebron Highsteppers Adventurer Club meets every Saturday at 3pm.

This program provides children ages 4-10 with basic tools that will supplement the education they receive at school, church, and primarily at home. Meetings are held every Saturday at 3 p.m.

There are seven classes within this curriculum. They are Little Lamb (age 4), Eager Beaver (age 5), Busy Bee (age 6), Sunbeam (age 7), Builder (age 8), Helping Hand (age 9), Advanced Helping Hand (age 10).
Each class teaches them how to gain a closer relationship with God, by learning how to pray. They learn the ins and outs of their body, African-American history, and overall how to be a better person with lessons on how to treat your friends, help around the house, and further your intelligence with a reading requirement list.
The Adventurer Club curriculum is the best way to occupy your child’s time while preparing them for the Pathfinder Club, which trains children from the ages of 11 and up on how to analyze God’s Word, understand his purpose and mission for our lives, learn survival skills when going camping and encourages the enrolled to participate in other safe and educational activities.