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About Us

The Sabbath School Network and Bible Study Center (SSNET) is operated by lay members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who volunteer their time so that Bible students around the world can study the Bible online and/or participate in the Bible Study held in Adventist churches (also known as Sabbath School) every seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday), no matter where their location.

The Sabbath School Network was born as the brain child of accounting professor David Albrecht (pictured at right) from Bowling Green, Ohio. He maintains The Summa blog, the "Debits and credits of accounting professor David Albrecht.

Currently Inge Anderson is responsible for the operation of the website and the Sabbath School discussion list and the mailing list for teachers' helps.

Our Philosophy

We are a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church. We reproduce the Adult Bible Study Guide online by permission of the Sabbath School department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and of the Pacific Press.

We seek to be fully supportive of all Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church -- not only because it's the ethical thing to do in our position, but also because we believe these fundamental beliefs are the most accurate expression of the fundamental teachings of the Word of God.

We further seek to encourage faith in our Creator God and the written Word which He has given for our instruction.

While we cannot guarantee that all the Adventist sites to which we link share our philosophy, we strive to keep our linking policy in harmony with our beliefs. However, we also link to some other sites run by Christians who do not share all our beliefs. We trust that our readers will understand.

Please inform us if you see anything on our site that appears to be out of harmony with our stated philosophy.

Currently several individuals volunteer their time and efforts to make the Sabbath School Network a thriving community:

SSNET web site volunteers : ( Email us)

  • Bob Hanson  - Designer of the web version of the English quarterly and web master of the Bible Lesson section of the web. Each quarter he designs a banner and navigation buttons to match the Bible Study Guide cover. In other words, Bob does most of the web page work around here. (Bob's personal page) (He's not responsible for this page.) Send him a note of thanks if you appreciate the online lessons.
  • Jerry Giardina - has faithfully prepared the lesson Helps for many years, generally without thanks or credit. These Helps consist of many more Bible references to the subject than the regular lesson provides plus some extra quotes from Ellen White. You can see these by clicking "Helps" at the top of any lesson. Please send him a note of thanks if you appreciate these extra Helps.
  • Inge Anderson - SSNET web mistress for pages other than the lesson pages and general administrator of the Sabbath School Network online (SSNET.org).

SSNET email discussion group volunteers ( Email us)

  • Inge Anderson- Moderator team coordinator, from British Columbia, Canada
  • Andrew C. Anderson - Discussion list moderator from Texas, USA (Andrew's website)
  • Maurice Ashton - Discussion list moderator from Australia (You can search for Maurice's page at Avondale)
  • Andrew S. Baker - Discussion list moderator from New Jersey, USA. (Studying the Word of God,Talking Out Loud with ASB are just two of his many websites.)
  • John Rayner - Discussion list moderator from Australia. If you'll surf to see some of his pictures, you'll see that he is an artist with the camera. (See his photos at pixalo.com and at webshots.com).
  • Daniel R. Bidwell - provides technical support for the majordomo software at Andrews University (Dan's personal page)

Some Background

SSNET was originally conceived by David Albrecht in 1992 as a forum to discuss the Adventist weekly Bible Study Guide for adults, published by the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference Sabbath School department. As web master for the Toledo Seventh-day Adventist Church, he started putting Seventh-day-Adventist-related Christian materials online. In prayer, he was impressed to start an email group for studying the Sabbath School lessons and to put up weekly outlines of the lessons. He asked and received permission to excerpt heavily from the Sabbath School quarterly Bible study guide. Eventually, the complete text of the Sabbath School lessons was put online with the permission of the General Conference of  Seventh-day Adventists Personal Ministries Department.

This list is indebted to Andrews University and Dan Bidwell insofar that the computer which hosts SSNET is physically housed at Andrews University and runs smoothly under Dan Bidwell's management. We are indebted to the General Conference Sabbath School Department and Pacific Press for permission to publish the Adult Bible Study Guide online in HTML format. However, SSNET is not officially sponsored by either Andrews University or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Source: The Sabbath School Network Website